I’ve just finished Pema Chödrön’s Good Medicine online course, and am so grateful for such a timeless time sitting with her and basking in her teachings.

Maitri is the unconditional friendship for oneself. Being friends with, and accepting oneself unconditionally.

What I have learned is the practice of tonglen and maitri, and moving closer to oneself. A precious teaching of accepting whatever is arising, and whatever my being is at this moment. And that our experiences are a stepping stone to compassion and our shared humanity.

And at the end of the course, it struck me how often i’ve stepped out of maitri, especially whenever i’m in some messy process of figuring out where I am, how i’m feeling, and where i’m heading.

It seems that my ego, or mind, seems to ‘jump’ to the possible conclusion or “truth” that might seem easiest and least painful. How I might have judged myself for struggling with stuff, and not been willing to rumble longer to expose the deeper truth, and just reach for the surface truth bubbles.

A deep lesson in accepting that wherever I am, whatever is arising, however shit and fucked-up it may be at this moment, I am ok. I will get out of it one day, and til that day, I will keep rumbling and inquiring and delving deeper.

Same boat, shared humanity.

Mirror reflections, our shared Life.

Pledging to stay committed to the messy unknown, the sometimes painful until salvation and liberation, nature of Truth.


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