Reading Gretchen Rubin’s Better than Before.

Habits. They are the architecture of our everyday lives – the quality of our habits become the quality of our lives.

So, I started thinking… Are habits working for me? From the book, and from self-reflection, I know that I am:

  • A rebel (resisting both outer and inner expectations)
  • Someone who loves novelty; starting new things and less so on finishing them (is this reflective of my lack of determination or willpower?)
  • Someone who hates forms of accountability and restrictions
  • Embracing freedom, spontaneity, authenticity

So this might be interesting, seeing that habits don’t seem to work well for rebels.

We’ll see. Anyhow, I believe that if I am to surround myself with a list (or couple of lists) of things to choose from in deciding what I might want to do to pursue my various goals, then I would still be alright.

Reading on!


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