Received this from a friend today. Thank you dear Olivia, xo.

Taking it all in, even though I might have seen so many similar forms before. So I am asking myself: which areas in my life am I not adequately “stepping in the right direction?”

Exercise. Work. Friends. Exercise. Writing.

Yes – exercise seems to be the area I need to start taking small steps. I know for sure I need to overcome my internal barriers and the crap I tell myself. Argh

Feel the resistance. Feel the judgments. Feel the fear and the anxiety and the unworthiness.

Feel it all. And then do it anyway.

I will be mindful to the negative and untrue self-talk that arises, and know that even if my exercise regime is not the best, even if its not something i’m proud of, I will continue to put one step in front of the other.

Tip-toe if I must. I take the step.


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