Today felt like a bummer – heard back from the HR Manager that I’ve not gotten the position that I’ve put out and wanted so much.

“The approval didn’t go through. I’m so sorry, we tried our best and were hoping that you could come onboard too.”

I was in shock, denial, couldn’t believe what I had just heard. My “golden opportunity” that I’ve been waiting for had just been taken from me. Huge heartbreaking pain. A sadness, an immense sense of loss.

“That can’t be it. They said they were going to offer me the position. Why is this happening to me? Is this even true? I trusted them. I trusted Life. What’s going to happen to me now? Am I ever going to get a meaningful position?”

And having stayed present to however I was feeling, it was a struggle. The heart-wrenching pain of feeling like something so precious has been taken from you. The sense of loss, of grief, of utter helplessness. I felt like I was free-falling.

So I turned to The Journey to guide me forward, with a mini-process on staying grateful in the midst of difficult circumstances. Truth arose, and Truth was:

Know whatever comes unexpected to be a gift from Life; and it will surely serve you if you use it to its fullest.

  • Gratitude for the connections that took place. Gratitude for the opportunities that arose, and those that lie around and ahead of me that I do not yet see.
  • Openness in exploring every possibility to seek out the best pathway forward
  • Trusting in myself. Trusting in Life to continue to carry me on. Trusting in the mystery that is Life itself.

I do not yet know what my next steps are, but I am now more excited to continue walking my path. I’m thankful also for being able to see and understand that this sense of loss arose because of my attachment to it – I felt like it was already mine (when it was not).

Because, how can u lose something that was never yours to begin with?

Yes, today was a bummer. And I also know, today is a gift. The day that I will know why is a mystery, and I am excited to be moving closer to it.


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