So today I was given the gift of coaching with a dear friend, Doreen. Being her client, I took the chance to explore how to better connect within my friendships and relationships with others.

And out of the coaching conversation, blossomed the need for me to be more transparent in exposure to others, through being thankful for myself. Hence a 7 day gratitude challenge – including also the nice things people say about me, to me, so I start to believe the voice inside that says “I am enough, and I am great.”

So today, I am grateful for:

  • Being able to explore my relationships-style with others, and discovering that I can make a difference to how I can better show up in them.
  • Being open to showing more gratitude and appreciation for myself through journaling and noticing the ‘good stuff’ as reflected through others
  • Sharing in an afternoon of too much eating, some shopping and strolling with my best friend, Jireh. Very happy that we spend so much time together, and that I am slowly bringing down the barriers in how I communicate with him

And today, Doreen also shared that I’m a great person. So honoured to hear that out of everyone in the class, she picked me! Very thankful for being able to be her practice client. And looking forward to blessing her journey ahead – may it be bumpy (so that she gets all the experiences she needs), and may she grow gracefully!

Self-love, Day 1.


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