It was a good sunday. Lots of rest, quiet time, play, and being with family. A great close to the week 😀

Today, I am grateful for:

  • Allowing myself to rest – sleeping in and waking up naturally (without any alarms or calls), and not feeling any sense of guilt. Sometimes, sufficient rest comes as an indulgence. And i’m thankful for being able to indulge myself in rest today.
  • Allowing myself to be as I want to – quiet time reading at a busy starbucks, starting a new pokemon game (i wanted to for a long while).
  • Allowing myself to be in the company of my family – holding (non judgmental) space for mum to give out about her work place, practicing patience towards my brother when he was late, and enjoying a lovely curry dinner with the family.

Sunday is a great day. Now, i’m grateful for the lil drinky that i’ve poured for myself. Savoring a nip of Nikka12. Looking forward to the week ahead


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