Happy Monday. Started to realize that I do look forward to a brand new week. There is still a sense of slight inertia, of wanting to stay at the restful weekend, but more so, I feel excited to take on the week ahead. So i guess thats my first thankfulness!

Today, I am grateful for:

  • Welcoming Mondays. They represent a new week, a new start, a chance to do something good during the week. An opportunity in Mondays
  • Not asking for permission when I need to leave work early, and simply managing my time and my work. I feel like there is a growth in my level of ownership with work – when i do not have to answer to people, or ask “can i?”, and rather just doing things that seem right anyway
  • Showing up to my friend’s photo exhibition. I witnessed her growth and transformation in sharing what she believes is beautiful in the form of pictures. Deeply inspiring and humbling. A great honour. Very thankful for being able to walk this journey with her, acknowledge her, and champion her

Today someone (Ming Kwang) told me, that he’s looking forward to my growth that he’s already seeing take place, and that my work sounds fun, exciting and meaningful. 

And also, during work, my boss (Edvan) said that i should cut myself some slack, and stop putting myself down so much. He mentioned for me to start seeing my strengths as strengths, and be willing to grow them.

I feel seen, and even more willing to expand, stretch my being, and grow. Thank you, my friends.

Gratitude feels good.


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