I’m onto day 4, and i half-feel that the novelty of journaling on gratitude is waning. But i am pressing on, because i want to show myself how thankful i am for whatever arose today.

While a lot of crap arose, today, I am grateful for:

  • Choosing to look at challenges as opportunities and possibilities. So often we get drawn into our ‘story’ where we feel so many things are stacked against us, and happening to us. Today, i’m choosing (yet again) to happen to these things, to own the crap that’s arising, and to act towards a better tomorrow.
  • Growing and developing my ability for influencing others. I started the day with a 3 hour meeting. Sure, it over-ran. But, i met my objectives, and we all came away feeling clear on next steps, and best of all aligned. Glad I was able to support the perspective broadening of my work partner.
  • Spending a great evening with two of my besties. Hearing them, being able to support them (always) through our friendship. Choo and Wayne, thank you for our many heart-to-heart’s, and i’m deeply moved to continue to be here as your friend. May we continue to grow in all of our experiences of Life.

Today gratitude feels normal, and that’s okay too 🙂


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