Life will throw things at you, but only those you are able to work with. There’s always room for growth and to learn.

Today, I am grateful for:

  • Stepping into my fear of networking, making the first steps and getting to speak to 3 persons during a short networking event. My fears own me only to the extent I let it to.
  • Being honest and candid and open with my colleagues. Sharing with them what i really thought and felt, and was ready to let it go if they didnt want it. No judgment, no acting from fear or inadequacy. Just being myself, and it felt liberating.
  • Choosing kindness in interacting with Shah over my spoilt laptop. Being more aggressive or frustrated wouldnt have helped things. So breathing in the moment, and then discharging my unhappiness afterwards, so that he is not affected by me. This way, i got to maintain relationships at work.

And i’m learning the lesson again today, that things that irritate the hell out of you actually reveal a part of you that needs attention and healing. No biggie, just love and learn and growing into a better person.


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