Almost running to the end of my 7 day challenge. So many thoughts I want to put together tomorrow, its been stewing and bubbling…

Today, I am grateful for:

  • Being a leprechaun for the office halloween party. I gave myself permission to play, i told myself its okay to feel scared when i throw myself out there into the mix of people and just go crazy. Yes my costume was perhaps not the best, but there was still plenty of screaming, laughing, joking, smiles and photo-taking. I had a blast! #ianstpatricks
  • Accepting and showing thankfulness for the new laptop that has been graced to me.
  • Practicing and strengthening my resolve – i did not cave in and buy packets of snacks that i would gorge myself on and feel guilty after. My will is strong

Tomorrow, i look forward to connecting with many new clients and partners at work. Its the start of a beautiful journey with them, and I’m looking forward. And yes, honoring and closing this small lil challenge to myself.


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