Today marks the end of my 7 day challenge. And there are so many things i’d like to be showing my gratitude for; and my thoughts are literally all over the place.

Breathe in, breathe out….

Today, I am grateful for:

  • Being present to my not-being-present in the mornings, as I rush from home to office. I notice where my attention goes naturally, and it allows me the opening to redirect my attention gently. Doesnt seem to work all the time, but its a practice i guess. #humanatwork
  • Choosing to listen to an old Westlife album of beautiful ballads. I believe every one has a love song hidden away in their hearts, we just need to find some way of singing it and sharing it with others.
  • Hustling and activating productivity at work through juggling multiple important tasks, and getting through it all in great progress. Felt very energized by all of it, and couple of learnings along the way.
  • Being irritated and pissed off at a potential client who turned into a client by showing up at today’s workshop, even tho we didn’t confirm her place. Thankful for the shock, the rage and emotions, and being able to attend to her needs above-all.
  • Showing kindness to a friend, who was edging me with her sarcasm. The people who need kindness most are often the most difficult ones to give it to. Working and throwing the ego aside, so that I can help make this world kinder, and better.
  • Showing faith in the goodness of a fellow colleague, and seeing her strength and her growth before she could see it herself.
  • My dream of inspiring change, and how everyday i get to do that. Some days i do more, some less, but everyday, i try, and i do.
  • Holding nonjudgmental space for a friend who was falling apart. I cant fix her, but I can be there and show my support for her. I cannot help her, but i can listen and be there as her friend.
  • Getting unhappy with my parents, feeling that they are not helpful. What i learn out of this is that, I am not helping them. What i see in others, is a projection of what i am experiencing currently. It has given me an opportunity to change.
  • Sitting down at the end of the day and penning this gratitude note. Taking time out to give thanks to Life itself for gracing me with so many gifts.

Tomorrow, I will continue to write, in honoring the past 7 days and sharing some of my learnings and my moments of mini growth. 


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