For the past week, i have learnt to be more confident in who I am through the practice of daily gratitude journaling. 

Has it changed me, have I learnt anything, what’s different? My perspective and self-worth has started to shift. I’m beginning to embody a more compassionate confidence towards myself, and towards others.

My biggest learning has been that there is a depth of “good stuff” within myself that i know, and also a deeper depth of which i do not know (yet). And my self developmental work would be to uncover these good qualities, and strengthen them through appropriate expression across all my life experiences and my interactions with other people.

I have also learnt that showing gratitude for myself has forced me to be more gentle with myself, throw more of my self-judgments away, and adopt a more accepting mindset that seeks to highlight what was good, and what was worthy of growth for me.

Gratitude might be a key to developing a developmental strengths-based perspective: a growth mindset.

I have also learnt that the practice of gratitude for myself has budded into gratitude for other people – my family, friends, loved ones, acquaintances, and even colleagues (some are difficult to deal with, but i’m getting there! Lol).

Being thankful for all the big and small things about myself made me more sensitive and attuned to those noticing those in others as well. It made me more inclined to be thankful for their stuff (good and good for growth), and really appreciate that we meet them just as we are and where they are at.

In honoring and closing the 7 day gratitude-for-self challenge, I am very thankful for Doreen that provided me the space to birth this interesting solution from our coaching. I am thankful also for everyone who has been supportive in me being me. 

The past week has been growing on me, and I look forward to starting a new challenge soon, in continuing my writing and journaling. As I continue to practice self-gratitude, my hope is that we all invoke more thankfulness in our everyday lives. This is really cliché, but there really is much to be grateful for.


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