A letter to myself … to Ian, with love

This was a short letter than poured itself onto a page after undergoing an Emotional Journey process… beautiful words that will support me as I continue to grow and develop, into the person that I am and will become

Dear Ian (2016),
I’m writing to let you know how much i love you, and how much you are loved. There’s a brilliance within you that’s bursting to emerge and shine its brightness with the world – i’m so excited for you to continue on your path of growth, of discovery, and of service.

There will be times when Life will seem to test you: roads turn bumpy, cliffs and mountains emerge in front of you, blocking your path. I want you to know that its normal, and you can expect that to happen! No cheating, no side-lining anything that arises… breathe, stay focused, and learn. Then continue to do what’s in front of you with great love.

Life is a gift – it comes with changes and challenges… what I would like you to do is to remain open. Stay open, be open. There will be things you do not like, and you are stronger than your likes and dislikes. 

You are capable and competent beyond all measure, and you will look back one day and be inspired at how you were an inspiration to yourself and so many others as well.

There are some things you need to change:

– Eat more healthily

– Sleep more restfully

– Connect more deeply

– Travel more 

– Speak your truth more, even when your voice quivers

– Express and stay in gratitude, life presents many gifts

I am so excited to be your future self. I have so many interesting memories that are just waiting to be experienced by you.

Remember to stay present, and flow. You are the river, not the bank. 

Remember to be open, and all accepting. You are the sky, not the birds and not the clouds. 

Remember to live, to love, and to serve. You are me, and you are love.

Glittering sparkles and peace,

Ian (2021)