As the year 2016 drew to a close, I felt like i needed to be by myself, to reflect and look within so as to close and learn from my experiences throughout the year..

And so I did – and from that reflection came many difficult emotions and stories that I needed to let go of. And it also revealed so many lessons that I need to learn.

Lessons of humility, of openness, of surrender and letting go, of compassion and kindness, and love and acceptance, of respect, of being okay with however i am, of showing up with all that I am.

So today I allow myself to feel this loss and grief – of the many times that I could have stepped up, could have done this or that, could have been more loving / courageous / understanding etc etc etc. I allow myself to forgive myself.

And I step into this new person that I now want to be: a person that is enough. A person that is all of the things that I am, and that I want to embody. A person that is me, authentic and pure and innocent and unblemished.

When I am being and acting from a place of #enoughness, I get to choose with self-certainty and confident intention. I get to declare what kind of outcomes I want to create and step into, and it allows me to inspire change in myself and others.

I get to empower myself to be the light and sparkle in leading myself and others to the greatness of our fullest potential.

As we begin 2017, I challenge myself to write everyday for the next 99 (100 including today), about something that made me feel something.

It’s my wish that in sharing my raw human experience, I get to inspire people to observe and reconnect once again with their emotions in a manner that is compassionate, accepting, and loving.

Happy New Year, my friends 🙂 lets continue on our path of learning, growing, becoming more so that we are better, together.


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