Today I had some Journey process work done, and it was on forgiveness. The memory that I worked through was someone who was once a close friend, a best friend if you could call her one.

And it was painful, to be able to speak from my old pain, speak out how I felt, speak out what I was experiencing at that point in time – all the shared memories, all the times we had spent together, all the instances I was made to feel small, feel lousy, feel abandoned and all alone.

I let it all out. By connecting to my pain, the emotion of grief, of disappointment and of sadness, I said what needed to be said to be finished with that part of my life. I was able to forgive her, forgive myself, and ask for forgiveness as well.

Forgiveness is the key to freedom. It’s not about condoning the actions, the outcome, or about being easy on the other person – forgiveness is about being real with how you feel, what you have experienced, and committing to stopping the blame game and setting the other person free so that you can be free.

It has been 2 years, and time has shown me many things. We have walked our separate paths, and grown into strong independent people. I have learnt so many things from our fierce friendship, and I have cherished these lessons to become a better friend to others.

What I do not get, I shall become. 

I am thankful for all the past experiences we have shared, and now is our time to continue to grow in our lives.


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