Today I was strolling the malls with my best friend, when we chanced upon this board. And I was thinking (strangely as I always), that just as coffee is always cheering us on, friends need to be there for one another as well.

Great Friendship (and all relationships) is based upon the unconditional acceptance of one another; it is founded on supporting and motivating the other person to continue to become their best person.

And this is what my prayer is: that we continue to show up whoever we are in our relationships and friendships, and we unconditionally support and have our friends’ backs. We do that because we love them, and we want the very best for them (even if they cant see it that way).

So i’m committing to be a great friend to all my friends. May I offer my time, my friendship, and my unconditional acceptance so that they can do the same to me.


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