Today, is day one of my #Renew cleanse. Thankful for my beloved friends, Tay n Val, for gracing me with the opportunity to jump in to cleanse and renew my being for the new year. 

Lots of water, essential oils, supplement support, coupled with conscious eating… step 1 of renewing my body, liking this gentle approach.

I feel like this is a transition period; where my body is indeed transitioning back to harmony, and to vitality. It’s gonna be an interesting journey over the next three weeks!

Til then, my place of growth is to continue to be kind and gentle to myself and my body while the cleanse is taking place. 

Just as machines need to be maintained, our bodies (the most complex machinery on earth) also needs regular maintenance. 

A cleanse renews and recharges the body and being, removing what is not healthy or helpful, and rejuvenating itself.

Staying connected to my commitment to honour and respect and love my body and being, I will be renewed in welcoming more radiant health and abundance in all areas of my life.


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