Had a kind of tough conversation with a client today as part of closing off a project with them. In a nutshell, she experienced some unwanted and unexpected byproduct from our OD intervention, and passed the blame onto our process and our assessment.

In that space, my empathy pulled me out of my consultant role, and i got stuck in a position where i was not effective – i took some of that blame on personally as well.

Meet people where they are, and you will serve them well.

Despite knowing this, its still difficult. A true developmental area for me, to be able to transition in and out of roles, and to meet clients and people in my life where they are at.

In all of this, i feel like dried flowers – still whole, still beautiful, still valuable, yet in need of #water to bring me back to life. For me, this is self-care: the key to resilience and bouncing back from adversity.

What is your source of #water?  

How do you get recharged and revived?


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