Today was a beautiful, productive and busy, tiring long day. And i’ve had the opportunity to express my leadership in leading a strategic meeting, so i am glad.

In recharging and slowing down for the night, i am reminded of the cute couple i witnessed and observed this morning… i was walking behind them, and loved how they were chatting, laughing, swinging their held hands while they strolled.

It reminded me of the importance of simple love, a love that is innocent and pure and unadulterated. A love worth living for.

Simple love is what’s here when we truly enjoy the complete company of the person we are present with. 

Simple love is what remains when we drop all distractions away and really allow ourselves to be with the other person.

I am full of hope; that the world will see a day where all love is simple love. When we can really be fully present to the ones we love, and share in the simplicity of this shared moment.


2 thoughts on “Day 12/100: simple love, I feel heartwarmed, and full of hope

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