I did something today that I regret – something that I had made such a huge commitment not to, having learnt from my past experiences and history. 

Despite everything I have learnt and done, I still succumbed to taking 2 steps back. In the wake of that, I’m left feeling pissed off and disappointed and utterly sad with myself and the choice that I have made.

So I’m allowing myself to be human and make mistakes – one wrongdoing does not create failure. And i will learn, and stand strong again. Til I realign myself, I am allowing myself to stay present to my emotions and let them run their course through and out.

Peace is in staying the course.

Even though I had made a detour off a side road I had promised myself never to take, I am but only human and imperfect. 

And, may I find forgiveness and even greater self-acceptance and self-love for myself through this process.


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