Today was the open house for Goodman Arts Centre, and as part of the celebrations, me and my bestie signed ourselves up for a trial throwing session – to have a go at playing, moulding, pinching and pulling clay to create something and experience pottery making.

It was amazing! I enjoyed the experience of not knowing what to actually do, and to just get my hands wet and try. It was so much fun seeing and feeling the clay transform under my hands. 

The fun of Life happens in the play of the unknown.

It’s been so long since I allowed myself to just let go of trying to know it and control it, and simply enjoy the process of play and discovery. Reflections of allowing myself to have more play and fun in my day to day – something I guess many of us could definitely benefit and thrive from.

What does “fun” mean to you? 

And when was the last time you allowed yourself to play?


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