The sky opened and poured, all night and day today. Floods that persisted, grounds that never dried. People running around, soaking and damp. Umbrellas, raincoats, and wet clothes. The cool humidity.

And there was a strange seasonal feel in the air – what I would call, rainmood – that brought people close to huddle in the warmth of company, that brought smiles and laughter to faces talking about their day and complaining about the rain that never stopped. 

It ushered in a weird sense of connection and of love, to me at least personally. To want to reach out and be with people who are dear to us, that together we will get through anything.

People who love are people who are happy.

So maybe the “love” came about as a way of wanting to regain and reconnect with more happiness, as dampened by the endless rain. 

And yes, the rain continues…


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