Today i got to have great follow-up conversations with two clients on how they have been since our last engagement: how were their action plans coming along, what have they encountered and learnt, what’s next for them, and how else we could be of service.

And the chats were awesome. I was able to listen in and bear witness to the multitude of things that they have set to do, and were well on their journey to making a difference in their work and in their team.

Leaders are self-aware and take conscious steps to nurture their strengths, and build on their developmental areas. 

This self-growth process is one of constant learning and relearning, and opens the gateway for their team and organisation to shift and transform.

In our interactions and engagements, i am made aware of many areas that i personally can improve so that i can better be of service. The biggest lesson: to step up and step out. To better Trust in my knowledge, my expertise, and myself. And that we are all learning, anyway – any ‘mistakes’ are opportunities to go deeper in my developmental journey.

So, what are some strengths you’d like to hone and sharpen so you become even more effective?

And what might be some areas to consider developing, so they do not hold you back?


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