It was a sunday without sun; the day was grey and dreary and meh. The rain never abated, and the grounds never felt itself dry. The winds came and gone, and the fog stayed behind for company. 

And yet, it was a day of castle-hopping in Wales: visiting and exploring Castle Coch and Castle Caerphilly. They were astounding and beautiful and charming – i love castles, they hold much history, memory, and lost time…

The greatest castle is that of your own heart and mind – cultivate beautiful inner gardens and cherish thoughts of meaning. Keep not people out, but open them to the world in communion.

It was such a gift to be able to explore these grounds (despite the bleah weather) – such wonder in climbing up narrow winding staircases, and opening into rooms, chambers, and landings. And imagining how people had once lived and made a life within these walls. Amazing.

If you could build and design a castle for yourself, what would it look like? And what special features would you add in? 🏰


5 thoughts on “Day 29/100: castle-hopping on a dreary sunday, I felt (surprisingly) filled with a sense of exploration and wonder

    1. Go ahead and visit them! 🙂 its been a nice couple of days so far… i have two more days here, and am going to take it easy and experience more. Thanks Catherine!


      1. Yes it seems so 😀 i followed you, if thats ok, so i get to read more of your truth. Thank you thank you thank you!! x Ian


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