Today was a total washout again- it rained and misted and spitted the entire day. Spent the day driving around, going to places to find them too wet to explore or closed for the day. I felt like giving up.

Felt like I was going around in circles trying to seek out some form of travel experience in the places I was visiting. Felt like there was nothing except the cold, grey, and wet. Felt like the vacation was all going to crap. A deep sense of frustration brewed inside of me.

And I tried to stay connected to the belief that travel can be spontaneous and experienced in whatever way and in whatever form or context. Fucking tough.

Travel opens up our minds, our hearts, and our perspectives – we see, feel, and understand things we otherwise would not

Through the rain-dotted windscreen, through the misty fog; peering out into what seemed to be endless drizzle. I see myself feeling discontented and slightly resigned.

And what have I understood from today’s experience: that I can continue to learn to be flexible, and to flow with what the situation brings. Then, perhaps next time I can respond better when “plans” do not go as planned.

How do you respond to uncontrollable changes in plans? What is your recipe for dealing with unwanted change?


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