Day 59/100: catching up with my coach, I feel celebrated and championed

We were like two bright paper lamps, linked together by tinsel decorations; testament to our connection as coach and coachee, and also to the growth that we’ve both bore witness to in each other’s lives.

I was proud to share all the various yay-moments and accomplishments and learnings with Doreen as we met up for lunch to catch up. And she was glad to share how everything has been, and some of her interesting recent initiatives to grow her coaching experience.

I am still in awe of the potential of coaching to transform lives – she was a stay home mum for 15years, and now she is building a Life outside of her family so that its all balanced, complementary, whole, and complete. So amazed, and inspiring to be able to be part of her growth through receiving coaching.

Coaching is a journey of self-discovery. You’ll find out things about yourself that you never knew before: the good, the bad, the ugly, the unwanted, and the unknown. 

And you’ll learn – who you are in relation to who you can be.

Looking forward to starting (or rather, continuing) my coaching developmental journey… my aim, to be a better coach so that I can better help people achieve their dreams and their best possible life.

Awareness Questions: what have I learnt in the past few months? And how will that change the way I show up in Life? What might I do differently?


Day 58/100: a manic monday, and yet I feel reassured, calm, and productive

The workday today flew by effortlessly. It was like entering a flow state where there was challenge, there was engagement with my work, decisions that I struggled with initially to make, plans drawn and redrawn, and yet everything sort of fell into place perfectly by the end… leaving me feeling a sense of satisfaction.

I am learning and growing, and walking the path… for now 🙂

There will be good days through your journey – celebrate those, well.

There will also be not so good days through your journey – celebrate those, anyway.

And in line with working through my stuckness and uncertainty, I kicked my butt and procrastination to start #GaryVee’s udemy course on personal branding. Purchased about a month ago, and yet not started. Today I begin.

And a line he spoke called out to me: it’s not about that we all get to be successful in everything we want to do, it’s that we all get to create something.

Awareness Question: what will you create? How will you serve?

Day 57/100: experiencing a lazy yet restless sunday, I feel between places and uncertain and somewhat lonely

Today was an interesting sunday – I had no plans and no whatever to occupy the day, and I also felt no motivation to do anything. I felt lazy and restless: not sure even how I should be feeling.

So I went out to visit and be part of the #BuySingLit festival, to support local authors and writers. And it was fun, and inspiring to be in a space that celebrates our local, home talent.

“As a writer, I get to shape and share an alternative reality. One that’s better, and more inspiring for my readers. I hope to bring them hope in a brighter future; one that they can create together with me.”(Unknown speaker, and local writer)

4 locally written and published books in hand, I am feeling contented. Enough literature to inspire me with courage, and possibilities.

So in working with this sense of loneliness and feeling of being between places, I intend to gain clarity on what I can do to create something in my Life, from now.

Something that is of meaning, something that makes me feel a whole bunch of emotions and makes me feel like i’m coming alive. Something that makes me fed up with doing it and working through the struggles and challenges, and yet I do it anyway.

And I release this intention to the new moon – may it light up the next step for me to take.

Awareness Question: What’s next?

Day 56/100: having my first experience with a meditation from the kundalini yoga tradition, I feel expansive and joyful and centered

Today, I had the experience of Kirtan Kriya – one of the many meditations from the path of Kundalini Yoga. It was facilitated by Derick, and was a blissful hour of being still with the synergy of mantra and mudra.

It was a beautiful process of coming back to presence in the connection with source.

Saa taa naa maa… touching the thumb gently to the tip of the index finger, and moving to the next finger with each word… starting with the spoken mantra, and progressing to whispers, and silent repetition… stillness and connectedness, a sparkling presence of source

Meditation is our key to staying rooted and connected to the now. It allows us to better BE, amidst all the frantic chaos that seems to be Life.

There was this energy flow; an energy that was both calming, soothing, grounding and yet also invigorating and energizing. It left me rather speechless (in a good way), and required me to continue grounding and taking it easy to come back to where I was.

Lookin forward to exploring and experiencing even more of Kundalini Yoga.

Awareness Question: how are you allowing yourself to be here now, amongst all the movement of life?

Day 55/100: insufficient sleep + hungover + a fully-packed schedule, I feel hazy and exhausted but relieved

Today felt like such a haze – I felt like I could not focus, and everything was glazed over. It was like looking at things with smudged glasses, and not being able to see clearly. My senses felt dulled, and my mind slow and numb.

What an ineffective showing up to friday.

When you are tired, rest. When you are weary, recuperate. When you are lost, reconnect. When you are down, reinspire.

I’m glad however, to interview and meet my new intern. There seems to be a good fit between his skills, his work personality, and with me and the work we will do together. He will be joining me and the team on the 13th of March (should he accept)… yay, stepping more into my leadership!

Awareness question: how do you step into your leadership? (Particularly when things dont go your way)

Day 54/100: taking the day off to reconnect with friends, I feel full in celebration

It was great today (yesterday actually since I was too exhausted to write an entry last night) to catch up with two friends from my ex-workplace. Taking the day off to relax, recharge, and reconnect: a real mid week break.

I had the opportunity also of having an exploratory conversation with the CEO of a really cool nonprofit – they help disadvantaged youth and people with disabilities build internal resources through equine assisted therapy. Horses helping people! Amazing stuff, and so inspired to hear his vision and plans…

Life really is short – fill it with days that fill your heart and replenish your spirit.

And then I had a celebration for a friend who got a new job opportunity!!! Woohooooo. The mistake was drinking late into the night, and having to wake early the next day.

Through the drinks and the chats, I feel so humbled and happy to be part of this small group of cynical misfits. We’re different, but so what? That makes us unique 🙂

Awareness question: what would an ideal day of rest and reconnection look like, feel like?

Day 53/100: celebrating and appreciating the partners and volunteers, I feel blessed and very fortunate

Today my organisation celebrated our partners and volunteers for all the great work we have done together in the past year, and how we created (some) national impact for greater, more meaningful giving in Singapore. Our way of just saying thanks.

It was a beautiful lunch, and the space was so polished and posh-ish. While extravagent, I guess the money really could have gone into a better giving back to appreciate and develop our volunteers and partners; surely valuing people goes beyond an expensive lunch.

The value we place in people is the value we invest in them – through developing, recognizing people in appreciation, we help to grow them (just as they grow us)

And nonetheless, the conversations were as rich as the food. And to connect with our people, I feel so freaking blessed and proud to be able to partner this group of darn talented people to work with various non-profit leaders across the sector.

The pride of my work comes from the relationships I build, as we come together in partnership and collaboration.

Awareness question: what else can you do to appreciate the people you value?

Day 52/100: having a tough conversation, and closing the day with an onsen spa with my mum, I feel courageous and complete

I finally had the opportunity to find some closure with my director today – I had felt hurt, not valued, and underappreciated when I heard she had not put me up for talent development; I was triggered and today I get to release it.

We had a conversation about my next steps, and what I feel lies ahead for me… and I took a courageous attempt to steer the conversation, and share my feelings and thoughts. It paid off well, and I am glad we now have a better understanding of each other’s perspectives.

The path to actually carving out my development and growth still needs steps to be taken, and I’m glad we started with this conversation today. At least, there are more potentials and possibilities ahead.

Do work that matters, so you grow in ways that matter

And being able to end the evening by bringing my mum to an onsen spa… such a gift of relaxation for both of us. Steeping in warm mineral-rich waters, ahhhhhhh….

Awareness question: looking back at all the ways you have grown and developed, what has mattered the most?

Day 51/100: doing a (almost) high-intensity workout, I feel recharged and centered

Today I got myself back to the gym and got on the cross trainer to do a fast, and high-intensity 20minute cardio burn. It was invigorating, and my heart pumped close to an heart attack. Hahaha

Through the workout, I got to work through some of the stresses of the work day, to release them more healthily through exercise. And I was able to let them go for the moment, experiencing a sense of flow as time just flew by with me working the machine.

Left arm, right arm, step step step. Push ahead and keep moving forward. Fight (with the beautiful view) and never look back.

Exercise is a workout for the body, and aids the detox of the mind and spirit as well. You see things from a higher (and sweatier) perspective – literally nothing sticks to you.

So i’m renewing my commitment to evoke greater vitality in my everyday life: mindful moments, deep breaths, clear mind, balanced emotions, conscious consumption, and invigorating exercise.

Awareness question: What does vitality mean to you? And, how do you manifest vitality in the respective areas of your life?

Day 50/100: halfway through my 100 day challenge, I feel strong, certain, and confident (getting more perspective around and about myself)

It is the 50th day into our new year, and I am halfway through my 100 day challenge. I’m amused and intrigued how the challenge has evolved for myself: I started wanting to just journal and blog every day about my feelings. Then it grew into me pushing myself to take a picture every day and post it with the journaling. 

And it has since also grown into a way I offer myself insight into the day that has passed, ending with an awareness question for me (and hopefully others) to ponder on. Sort of self coaching in a sense.

Writing (or even typing down) one’s reflections and thoughts give us form towards insight. If we have not articulated it, we do not know it.

Through articulation, we can create concrete awareness of where our potential areas for growth lie. And when we are more aware, we can then choose – do we want to continue to be and act this way, or do we want something better?

Journaling has become my daily practice, a daily ritual in meditation. Being present and looking kindly back at the day that has past: how have I been feeling? What came up for me? What am I becoming more aware of now? And what’s meaningful in all of this?

I look forward to better understanding myself; that through my self-awareness, I can create a better version of myself. And with a better version of me, my reality and how I show up in it will improve and change for the better.

And so it is! (Closing this post in gratitude)

Awareness Question: if I could have access to it, what’s an even deeper understanding of myself?