After yesterday’s revelation, I find myself really between spaces. I find myself zoning out into story, into what ifs, into should haves and should bes. I find myself running and being stuck at the same time; trying to get somewhere, and yet knowing that no matter where I go, its going to catch up with me and I cannot run away from the Truth.

So I faced up to it. And opening my heart, I give it one more chance. That I wasn’t going to throw this away because I’ve had a speedbump in the road.

Life and love opens up at second chances.

Some things, places, people appear broken down. Abandoned. Decrepit. In ruins. But yet there is a beauty in just holding all of that together – there is a magic in just being all that brokenness and still being here.

So i’m trying to reintegrate everything that’s happened in the past 2 days, and trying to see how things really are. I know I can and will bring it all together before moving forward, and it’s going to take time and patience and understanding and courage and trust.

“It’s gonna get easier and easier somehow. But not today. Not today.” 

(Imagine Dragons)

What’s your go-to recipe or routine for reintegration and bringing yourself back together? I’d love to learn.


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