Today was for rejuvenation of my mind and spirit. The past two days wrecked me, and threw me out of myself – I needed to get back to who I was, or rather, integrate and connect with who I am now and will be.

And the weather cooperated in partnership: the skies opened and rained and the winds blew strongly.

Walking through rain and wind, whilst safely under your coat makes you feel like you can handle anything in the world.


So I walked and strolled the streets of Dublin; alleys that once held meaning, and still hold memories. Precious, wet streets, how lovely.

And ending the day in Shakespearean tragedy – my first experience of Hamlet. Interesting and intriguing, to say the least. To be driven mad by grief and love lost, something all of us can relate to.

Today I feel like i’m getting closer to connecting with Self, once again. That after getting wet, and after dropping tears at the theatre, i’m going to be okay.

So i’m wondering, what do you do to reconnect with yourself? What is your healthy response for dealing with grief, or loss?


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