The world around us is amazingly be-awe-tiful. Gifting us with nature of the trees, shrubs, grasses, flowers, rivers and lakes, and the sun, sky and clouds, it is simply beautiful.

I gave myself permission to go on a trip to explore the region of Connemara: where there is such thriving greenery. An area of pristine, rather untouched landscapes that exhibits one of Ireland’s scenic prides.

Despite having visited before, I found myself once again in awe and deep appreciation of the beauty that was just there, just waiting to be discovered. I loved it – the lake, rivers, streams, and hills and mini-mountains – showed me once again the healing power of investing time to be with nature.

A full-filled life is one where appreciation and gratitude of beauty plays a central role.

What we are thankful for magnifies and becomes even more prominent with our gratitude. So when we notice and appreciate the beauty that’s already around us, we get more of it.

To me, Beauty is an aspect of an experience that calls forth love and admiration and awe.

And so I’m curious, what does beauty mean to you? And how is beauty playing our in your life?


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