Today I said goodbye: a closing of the past week of travel in Wales and Ireland. Honoring the revelations and experiences that I’ve had, i’m ready to start my journey home.

And yet, saying goodbye is never easy. There is a palpable sadness, a fear and uncertainty that’s visceral and real. I don’t know what the future might hold for me, for us, but i’m open to being open to it.

The next moment that comes, brings with it an infinite of possibilities. And for this very moment, I know that this is what’s necessary. To go ahead and move forward; continue building Life as my dream is being called forth and created in reality.

The purpose of Life is a life of purpose: we can and will create the life we so desperately want.

There’s a hopefulness in looking ahead as well: faith that the path forward will carve itself as it is being walked, and a belief that the journey is just as important as the end (if any).

Looking ahead, what are you hopeful for? 

What keeps your spirits and heart alive? 

How do you infuse faith that your dreams are coming true?


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