It’s been a really long journey home – a 20 hour hop from Dublin to London to Doha and finally home to Singapore. And it was interesting transiting in Doha; same place, same picture, different person, different emotion and experience. 

I first arrived there full of excitement – fatigue from work and the first flight sector, but excited and looking forward. I now arrive here not sure how I feel: there is a mix of tiredness and needing rest, of regret (not doing enough, not experiencing enough), and of sadness.

There is yet also a sense of comfort knowing that my family and home awaits. That i’m going to be picked up, brought home, and welcomed by my dog (or not, we’ll see his mood).

And then it’s back to the daily grind, the routines and rituals that i’ve so masterfully set up in place. Yet, they make me feel slightly deflated and de-energized thinking about the transition back.

Routines and rituals give our life structure and are the systems through which we create the results in life. They are the backbone through which fruition and manifestation occur.

So maybe there is a need for me to shake up the routine? Perhaps this is an invitation to re-design what happens on a day-to-day for myself? Pondering thought…

How does your daily routine and rituals support and manifest your dreams?


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