Going back into work after a good holiday is not easy – there is this unwillingness to get unstuck from the ease and relaxation and happiness of the vacation, and a sense of being uncertain about what lies ahead in the mountain of work thats so impatiently waiting.

And yes – I feel absolutely rushed. For no particular reason. Is it my own beliefs or thoughts about what might the transition back to work be like? Perhaps.

Rushing here, rushing there. Rushing everywhere, and yet nowhere.

I guess what’s arising today is an invitation to stop the mad rush. To intend that I will ease back into the work that I love, and gear up again. That I can and will get the work sorted and done. That regardless of everything that might be happening, I am much more than the expectations set upon me.

Stop. Pause. Relax. Continue with ease.

What’s YOUR secret for slowing down and pausing when life feels frantic and rushy?


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