Woke up at 3am early this morning with the classic symptoms of flu: body aches and joint pains, feverish, weak, too cold too hot, perspiring, bleah. Just the urge to curl up in bed with a good cry.

So called in sick and spent the day resting and sleeping in, before taking a little walk after dinner. Wandering around the supermarket makes me feel grounded at times like this, no idea why.

Falling ill is an indication that the body is misaligned and in need of rest and recuperation. Do what honors your body, and self-care.

Trying to allow myself to just rest and recover, and yet there is this thought that I should be using my time more productively. Nature of the mind: always criticising.

And since i’m resting and too weak to be doing anything else anyway, its time to reconnect with what it means to be in #Vitality and in #Health.

What’s YOUR secret remedy to self-care when you are sick? How do you bring even more vitality and health back into your life?


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