I found out today that I’ve been passed over in the nominations for individuals selected for leadership development in my organisation: i’ve been sidelined by my director who said that it wouldn’t be fair because I was already doing above and beyond my work.

It doesn’t make sense to me – the story I drew up was that either she doesn’t care about my progression and development within my company, or I simply wasn’t good enough to make the cut. Either way, it hurts. Left me feeling rejected and lousy, inadequate and underappreciated.

A leader’s job is to light the light of others.(Skip Lackey, a friend)

However hurt I am, i am allowing the story to spin, and then letting it fall. I will seek mutual understanding, and communicate how I feel with my director, for only when we truly speak our hearts and our minds can we truly come together as a team.

What’s a personal tip for communicating within the office space? What’s worked brilliantly for you in the past in negotiating around emotional hurts?


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