Nothing brings up your spirit like having nourishing conversations over wholesome, delicious japanese donburi. The lovely taste of unagi, scrambled eggs over rice blends effortlessly with our amused laughter and agreement over things that matter (and those that don’t).

Grateful today for having the chance to catch up with a friend, and colleague; someone who’s always been a supporter and a motivator. So so so thankful that I have friends that I can count on, and who can count on me as well.

Good food is all the sweeter and tastier when shared with good friends. (Unknown)

Such a jolt recharge to my mood! Thank you so very much suz! With all that’s happening, i’m glad to have a friend who not only has empathy for what i’m going through, but also shares with me another perspective so I can get unstuck. How precious 🙂 very very blessed.

When was the last time you honoured your friend(s) and family with a wholesome meal, sprinkled with laughter?


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