Today I was to support a workshop by co-facilitating with my boss. It was a brand new experience that went very well in the end, but my initial response was one of stress and feeling like I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off.

Woke up feeling drained and tired and panicky, spun by some story that I was going to mess things up, that the team was going to be tricky, that expectations were not going to be met, that I wasn’t capable enough, that it was all going to collapse…

And it was the fear of exposure – that people (those who know me, and those who don’t) were going to see me and observe what I could or could not do. There was the fear of judgment. There was fear of failure.

Fear is the resulting emotion of projecting a false future reality that does not meet our expectations.

So I knew to move forward and be able to flow, I had to allow fear to be here and dance with it. Fighting with emotions would drain me, and pull me out of the present moment. And so I allowed it to just be, and allowed myself to just be.

And though there were a couple of hiccups, and though there were so many learnings on hindsight, I did it. I breathed into self-certainty (even when fear was glowing and glaring in the background), and kept presencing. I had a great experience, and the team was able to benefit. Win-win.

And chilling out with a sip of #Nikka, my saturday is complete.

What has worked magically for you when fear arose? How have you worked with fear?


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