Today was a haze – fussing with multiple things at work, and juggling a couple too much stuff at once – I can’t even remember what was done, and how I had handled them. Even in journaling this out, I find myself toggling through various apps. Such mindlessness! Arghhhhh

There was also this sense of slight fatigue, of being somewhat exhausted and overwhelmed – so i’m just curious how that arose and what it might signify since I had started the day with energy, motivation, and inspiration.

Sometimes you jig two steps forward, and you stumble a couple back: thats okay. Dance the dance of life.

One bad day, one weird day doesnt make me crappy. Nor does it detract from all the good work I have done. I am bigger than my limitations, and I will be better and more focused and present from now.

(Or rather, once I am awake from a nourishing sleep!)

What has helped to catch your attention when you have been drawn in mindlessness? How do you stay in the present, and flow consciously?


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