Its the international day of love. A day where love is recognized, celebrated, declared, and put centre stage. A day where its okay to shout your love to your loved one, and the world observes and applauds because thats the culture of valentine’s… 

And yes, its a day of celebrating love, however love decides to show up in the various areas of our lives. So today, being by myself, I celebrate self-love and I celebrate the love between friends.

The most important love to have and to hold is that for yourself.

I learnt that the only person to be with us til the end of time is ourselves: we are our soulmates. So come what may, I will love me.

So my celebration of self-love came in taking a (cold) relaxing swim after work to melt away the stresses and pressures, and flow back into being. Truly enjoyable.

How did you celebrate love today?


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