A memorable day, captured in a snapshot.

Walking with Edvan from the office to our dinner place, I took the opportunity to snap this picture. At that moment, it represented a portrait of possibilities: an open sky of all potential embraced by a river of purpose.

A bittersweet celebration of his last working day, a closing of one chapter for him (and also for me). Tomorrow, I begin anew. I have learnt much from him the past 9 months, and it’s been a gift and a honour to be partnering with him. And I believe how I have grown has prepared me for the steps ahead…

Bring all of yourself to this very moment, and know that you are more than enough. Then lead into action – there you will find your purpose.

I look forward to the challenges, and path ahead. Unsure what will arise, but i’m curious to find out!
Thanks Edvan for always being there as my leader, my supervisor, my anchor. You have taught me so much, and i’m grateful for the opportunity to be able to partner you – best of luck in the next frontier in your career!

How have you celebrated your work partners to show your appreciation?


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