Its day one, of being self-sufficient and empowered to make decisions and carry out the work in my role. Its liberating, and scary at the same time. And yet a sense of bouncy passion: that no matter what you’re gonna keep going and doing, because you feel 100% on purpose.

Flow of thoughts in consciousness about stepping up into the leader i’ve always meant to be; blind spots and gaps arise as opportunities for us to exercise our self-leadership; there is a place and time for everything, and now is the time for me in this place.

Being on purpose means to serve fully, where I am most needed and where I am most helpful. (Tay n Val)

And worked flowed through me effortlessly today, conversations were surrendered into, and everything magically came into place. It was as if Life was lining everything up.

#surrender and lead into action

Relaxing at the end of a great day, and looking forward to the next two days of #SearchInsideYourself workshop with fellow nonprofit partners – connecting to our mindful leadership.

How were you being when you felt totally on purpose? What was your state of mind, and what were you doing to inspire that?


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