An awesome day one of the search inside yourself workshop. They say one day can change your life, yes – a day in mindfulness shifts your worldview, and presents you a new paradigm to look at your reality. I like it!

My biggest learning takeaway today is that I reactively shy away from new endeavours, new terrain, and new engagements in an effort to keep myself safe and protected. I notice that it seems to have always been this way for myself; its not unique to myself, seems like a shared condition of being human.

We crave safety, consistency, and predictability. But it is in the risk, the out of the ordinary, and the uncertain that lies that value of the unknown. There we will find our growth.

So yes, it starts with self-awareness. It’s only when we are aware of our current unhealthy reactions, can we shift them from compulsion to choice. We are presented with an opportunity to reclaim our freedom and free will, and choose a more empowering action that is even more healthy.

What will you do, now that you’re aware you have a choice (in each and every moment)?


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