Ding … the resonant sound of the singing bowl, as we signaled the end of the workshop. The closing of our content learning of #SearchInsideYourself, and the beginning of the practice of being more mindful leaders in all areas of our lives.

My closing word was grateful: I was experiencing a deep sense of gratitude for being able to support and create this platform, where Marion was able to share her time and skills to cultivate our mindful leadership.

Feeling and expressing gratitude contributes to wellbeing: ours and others. So go ahead, give thanks for everything! Because its true, everything is really a gift (even when we cannot yet see and appreciate it).

And as I expressed my appreciation and thanks for everyone who had come along, and who were going to bring their mindful leadership into the world, my voice trembled slightly… and I knew it was truth. This was what it meant to stand in front of a group of people that mattered somewhat, and speak from your heart.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

When was the last time u expressed heartfelt gratitude?


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