It is the 50th day into our new year, and I am halfway through my 100 day challenge. I’m amused and intrigued how the challenge has evolved for myself: I started wanting to just journal and blog every day about my feelings. Then it grew into me pushing myself to take a picture every day and post it with the journaling. 

And it has since also grown into a way I offer myself insight into the day that has passed, ending with an awareness question for me (and hopefully others) to ponder on. Sort of self coaching in a sense.

Writing (or even typing down) one’s reflections and thoughts give us form towards insight. If we have not articulated it, we do not know it.

Through articulation, we can create concrete awareness of where our potential areas for growth lie. And when we are more aware, we can then choose – do we want to continue to be and act this way, or do we want something better?

Journaling has become my daily practice, a daily ritual in meditation. Being present and looking kindly back at the day that has past: how have I been feeling? What came up for me? What am I becoming more aware of now? And what’s meaningful in all of this?

I look forward to better understanding myself; that through my self-awareness, I can create a better version of myself. And with a better version of me, my reality and how I show up in it will improve and change for the better.

And so it is! (Closing this post in gratitude)

Awareness Question: if I could have access to it, what’s an even deeper understanding of myself?


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