Today I got myself back to the gym and got on the cross trainer to do a fast, and high-intensity 20minute cardio burn. It was invigorating, and my heart pumped close to an heart attack. Hahaha

Through the workout, I got to work through some of the stresses of the work day, to release them more healthily through exercise. And I was able to let them go for the moment, experiencing a sense of flow as time just flew by with me working the machine.

Left arm, right arm, step step step. Push ahead and keep moving forward. Fight (with the beautiful view) and never look back.

Exercise is a workout for the body, and aids the detox of the mind and spirit as well. You see things from a higher (and sweatier) perspective – literally nothing sticks to you.

So i’m renewing my commitment to evoke greater vitality in my everyday life: mindful moments, deep breaths, clear mind, balanced emotions, conscious consumption, and invigorating exercise.

Awareness question: What does vitality mean to you? And, how do you manifest vitality in the respective areas of your life?


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