Today my organisation celebrated our partners and volunteers for all the great work we have done together in the past year, and how we created (some) national impact for greater, more meaningful giving in Singapore. Our way of just saying thanks.

It was a beautiful lunch, and the space was so polished and posh-ish. While extravagent, I guess the money really could have gone into a better giving back to appreciate and develop our volunteers and partners; surely valuing people goes beyond an expensive lunch.

The value we place in people is the value we invest in them – through developing, recognizing people in appreciation, we help to grow them (just as they grow us)

And nonetheless, the conversations were as rich as the food. And to connect with our people, I feel so freaking blessed and proud to be able to partner this group of darn talented people to work with various non-profit leaders across the sector.

The pride of my work comes from the relationships I build, as we come together in partnership and collaboration.

Awareness question: what else can you do to appreciate the people you value?


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