It was great today (yesterday actually since I was too exhausted to write an entry last night) to catch up with two friends from my ex-workplace. Taking the day off to relax, recharge, and reconnect: a real mid week break.

I had the opportunity also of having an exploratory conversation with the CEO of a really cool nonprofit – they help disadvantaged youth and people with disabilities build internal resources through equine assisted therapy. Horses helping people! Amazing stuff, and so inspired to hear his vision and plans…

Life really is short – fill it with days that fill your heart and replenish your spirit.

And then I had a celebration for a friend who got a new job opportunity!!! Woohooooo. The mistake was drinking late into the night, and having to wake early the next day.

Through the drinks and the chats, I feel so humbled and happy to be part of this small group of cynical misfits. We’re different, but so what? That makes us unique 🙂

Awareness question: what would an ideal day of rest and reconnection look like, feel like?


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