Today, I had the experience of Kirtan Kriya – one of the many meditations from the path of Kundalini Yoga. It was facilitated by Derick, and was a blissful hour of being still with the synergy of mantra and mudra.

It was a beautiful process of coming back to presence in the connection with source.

Saa taa naa maa… touching the thumb gently to the tip of the index finger, and moving to the next finger with each word… starting with the spoken mantra, and progressing to whispers, and silent repetition… stillness and connectedness, a sparkling presence of source

Meditation is our key to staying rooted and connected to the now. It allows us to better BE, amidst all the frantic chaos that seems to be Life.

There was this energy flow; an energy that was both calming, soothing, grounding and yet also invigorating and energizing. It left me rather speechless (in a good way), and required me to continue grounding and taking it easy to come back to where I was.

Lookin forward to exploring and experiencing even more of Kundalini Yoga.

Awareness Question: how are you allowing yourself to be here now, amongst all the movement of life?


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