Today was an interesting sunday – I had no plans and no whatever to occupy the day, and I also felt no motivation to do anything. I felt lazy and restless: not sure even how I should be feeling.

So I went out to visit and be part of the #BuySingLit festival, to support local authors and writers. And it was fun, and inspiring to be in a space that celebrates our local, home talent.

“As a writer, I get to shape and share an alternative reality. One that’s better, and more inspiring for my readers. I hope to bring them hope in a brighter future; one that they can create together with me.”(Unknown speaker, and local writer)

4 locally written and published books in hand, I am feeling contented. Enough literature to inspire me with courage, and possibilities.

So in working with this sense of loneliness and feeling of being between places, I intend to gain clarity on what I can do to create something in my Life, from now.

Something that is of meaning, something that makes me feel a whole bunch of emotions and makes me feel like i’m coming alive. Something that makes me fed up with doing it and working through the struggles and challenges, and yet I do it anyway.

And I release this intention to the new moon – may it light up the next step for me to take.

Awareness Question: What’s next?


4 thoughts on “Day 57/100: experiencing a lazy yet restless sunday, I feel between places and uncertain and somewhat lonely

  1. Since moving here to Florida a year and a half ago to be closer to my elderly Mother, I find that I am embracing my introverted side more and more. I only really discovered how introverted I truly am, and how this can be a lonely place. And as I grow older, I am more selective about who I want to spend time with (although I am friendly to most anyone), and have few really dear close friends. I don’t mind being the different one in the crowd, the one that most may on closer inspection find odd–but life can become monotonous in one’s own head after a while. Someday I hope to (once again) meet a like minded person to share my journey, but for now I am content to spend a lot of time healing, thinking, reading and planning…. Peace.

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