The day started cold and wet; it would be perfect for sleeping in, being lazy, huge cup of tea, and plenty of books. But no, it’s a workday. Ha!

Typical rain mood, seemed to put a dampen on how I felt… there was this strange sense of dreariness, yet being ok with it, and also this joyfulness. I think its hope, in optimism.

No matter how grey, wet, and seemingly miserable it is on the outside, we can always choose our sunshine.

The company organised and held its first giving marketplace today – we opened the space for non profits, corporate csr leads, and individual givers to meet, mingle, and match. There was so much activity, and inspiration as people explored the marketplace to make new connections. 

So with a day of movement, of engagement, of getting to know new friends… i feel tired, and in need of recharging. Having dinner with my best friend, Jireh, after work offered me that. He gave me an advanced present for my birthday – yay!! Feeling very treasured and grateful 😍

Awareness Question: what do you do to choose sunshine?


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