Today was a day of productive bliss in flow: I got to explore a new job area (writing out a MOU) and also supervising and providing direction for the content and layout creation of a new brochure. So those were new experiences for me!

And it was great to be able to redesign what needed to be done, plan ahead, and do the developmental work at the same time.

Loving your work doesn’t mean its pleasant or “enjoyable” all the time; it means putting in the effort, going through everything that’s challenging and crappy, and come out feeling like there’s a difference because of the effort you put in.

And the day was capped by a collective birthday celebration with 3 other friends who were also March babies 🙂 happy and full of joy to be able to toast each other, dive into yummy duck confit with creamy mash, and indulge in stories and laughter.

And then a moment of realisation for myself – how often do we celebrate our friends alongside ourselves? And how do we create even more friendships worth celebrating in our lives?

We are dying slowly, but surely. May we hang on to those moments, with those people, that make us feel alive.

Awareness Question: what makes you feel alive? And how do you create more of that in your life?


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